Sunpower Inc

B-10B free piston engine Beale Free-Piston Stirling Engine Demonstrator Model B-10B

This attractive, small engine demonstrates the unique characteristics of the free-piston Stirling engine. The B-10B is supplied with a simple alcohol burner-ring, starts easily, and runs quietly. It can be adapted to operate on any source of adequate heat, including solar energy.

Biowatt gen set BIOWATTTM Biomass Power for Home, Small Business, Farm.

Sunpower, Inc., and Wood-Mizer Products, Inc., are developing BIOWATTTM, a line of electric generators with a free-piston Stirling engine heated by burning biomass. These products will convert various biomass fuels (e.g., wood, wood pellets, sawdust, chips, biomass waste) to alternating electricity and useful heat (cogeneration, or combined heat and power). BIOWATTTM systems generating 500 W to 10 kW of electrical power will meet the need for electricity and heat in residential, small commercial, and agricultural applications.