Stirling Technology Inc

ST 5 engine

ST 5 engine

The ST-5 is built by Stirling Technology of Athens, Ohio USA. This engine operates with air pressurized to 5 bar, by means of a built in air compressor, and has been designed for long periods of stationary use for residential and small-scale agricultural and industrial purposes. Any application which requires a long life prime mover and continuous hours of operation is a good candidate for the ST-5. Recommended uses are electricity generation, water-pumping and powering of small scale implements, compressors, etc.
The engine is rated at 5 hp and can run off impure natural gas, crude oil or bio-mass. A small scale rice milling system could use part of the waste husk as fuel and small scale milk condensing plants, utilize the heat from the engine as well as the mechanical power.
By the use of simple heat exchangers, wast heat can be used for space heating of house, dairy or greenhouse as well as supplying domestic hot water needs. At full output, the engine produces over 25kW of recoverable heat.

rice mill

ST5 driving a rice mill in India

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