Whisper Tech Limited.

The Whispergen set.

Whisper gen set

Whisper Tech of Christchurch, New Zealand, are developing a small co-generation unit, with an electrical output of 800W at 12-15 Volts. The Stirling engine is fitted with a wobble-yoke drive which the designers claim overcomes previous Stirling engine problems. The engine is water cooled giving 6kW of water heating via heat exchangers.

Brief specifications:

Prime mover -- Stirling Cycle Machine
Power out --5 kW usable heat, 0.75 kW electricity
Duty cycle -- 0 - 24 hours per day
Noise level -- 44 dBA at 7m
Nominal Voltage -- 12 volt. [24 volt available after Sept. 1998)
Minimum battery capacity -- 200 Ah for 12 volt diesel
Fuel -- kerosene. (LPG available after Sept. 1998)
Fuel Consumption -- Less than a litre per hour at nominal power
Exhaust -- cool exhaust (Marine: exhaust above the water line)
Cooling system -- water cooled engine and alternator
Marine - internal marine heat exchanger
Land based - external radiator or similar required
Dimensions -- 450 x 500 x 650 (w x d x h)
Dry Weight -- 90 kg
Battery charging -- 3 stages, Bulk, Absorption and Float
Automatic start/stop -- governed by computer control subject to: Battery discharge level: Room thermostat: hot water demand: time of day: remote manual switch
Service connections -- through the rear panel. Standard plumbing and electrical fittings.

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