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PCP 1-75 engine

The PCP 1-75

Sigma Elektroteknisk A.S of Hølen, Norway is currently working on industrialising the PCP (Personal Combustion Powerplant), a micro energy converter utilizing a Stirling engine as the prime mover.

The PCP 1-130 is an energy converter based on a Stirling engine designed in Sweden to be used in micro CHP (Combined Heat and Power) applications. The engine is a single cylinder, beta type stirling engine with a bore 65mm, stroke 40mm, swept volume 133cm. the Working fluid is helium at 8MPa nominal charge pressure. A standard 230V AC, 2 x 1.5kW generator is contained inside the sealed pressure vessel. The coolant is discharged at a temperature of 350K giving 9kW available heat.

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A potential overall conversion efficiency of 95% is claimed with a payback period of 4 years.

In 1997, Sigma Elektroteknisk were approached by a UK consortium to provide Stirling engines to power electric buses in Oxford. Sigma had earlier been involved in a study of the potential for Stirling engine range extenders for the Norwegian PIVCO vehicle.The project was originally proposed for 1998-2000 and EU funding was approved. However, despite the enthusiasm of all parties, budget cuts in Oxfordshire led to the cancellation of the project. Nonetheless, there is still significant potential for hybrid vehicle applications, both for personal and public transport. It is hoped that another transport authority will be able to act as host to demonstrate what promises to be a significant contribution to clean transport.

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