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STERLING STIRLING is an attempt to provide a comprehensive service to the Stirling engine enthusiast. Many products were previously only obtainable from overseas supplier and mostly therefore unknown or obtainable with difficulty.
The service consists of information and materials of special interest to Stirling engine students, engineers and hobbyists.
It is intended to maintain a stock of those listed items but these may not always be possible and delay may occur. If I am out of stock you will be informed immediately and can decide whether to wait or cancel.


The prices quoted are inclusive of post and packing within the U.K; overseas orders should be include a further 10% to cover post additional postage charges.Please pay by cash or a cheque drawn in sterling on a U.K bank or by Eurocheque. If you have any problems with this arrangement please contact me for advice. Please make all cheques payable to J J WOOD.


Up to a dozen or so sheets of information on various aspects of Stirling Engine research, design technology and models etc are available. There are greatly varying amounts of information on different subjects so please enquire about what is available before ordering. It is mostly in the form of articles from various sources.

Custom Built Engines

In addition to the stock engines illustrated, one-off construction of small (eg 1 -10cc) Stirling engines is available. Prices are according to size and complexity, similar to those for stock engines. delivery is normally 2 to 3 months. Specifications may be as photographs, sketches or descriptions, but it is essential that the project is discussed before starting to establish precise requirements.


Stock Engines
The following three engines are normally held in stock, but enquiry is advised before ordering.

All engines are complete and ready to run. They are mounted on varnished wooden bases and are normally supplied with liquid methylated spirit burners and filling bottles. They are all home workshop produced and tried and tested. Running instructions are provided, also an article explaining Stirling engine operation. All engines are made from polished aluminium and stainless steel, with a gunmetal cylinder, cast iron piston and mild steel flywheel painted red.

ref - EN2

Type: Horizontal Ross Yoke
Size: 6 x 3 x 3 inches
Weight: 16 oz
Speed: 2000 rpm

ref - EN5

Type: Beam with Scotch yoke
Size: 5 x 3 x 3 inches
Weight: 12 oz
Speed: 1800 rpm

A novelty beam drive Stirling engine with the displacer driven by Scotch yoke. The frame and rods are normally painted green, but may be any desired colour.

ref - LTD2

Type: Low temperature differential engine
Size: 6 inches diameter by 8.5 inches
Weight: 10 oz
Speed: 60 rpm

A low temperature differential engine which runs when placed on a cup of hot tea, and usually if ice is placed on the top surface - depending on room temperature. The vertical mounting is blue and the bright works polished aluminium.


Hot cap sets

ref HCS2
Hot cap - 1.345ins OD x 1.30ins ID x 3.5ins long
Displacer - 0.1.25ins OD x 1.215ins ID x 3.5ins long
Radial gap 0.030ins
Price per set -

All caps are drawn from AISI 304 stainless steel. The wall thickness can be reduced readily by turning, and the material can be silver soldered.

Stainless steel tubing

Thin walled S/S tubing (0.25 / 0.010 ins) is available in 1 foot lengths in the OD sizes shown. This tube can easily be bent; tight curves are possible if a bending jig is used to restrain the sides of the tube. It can be easily silver soldered (or soft soldered using phosphoric acid as a flux) and can be also brazed. It is ideal for the production of tubular heaters or pressurised engines. I have used it successfully at red heat and 300 psi (air charged).

ref SST1. 1.0 mm OD - price per foot
ref SST2. 1.5 mm OD - price per foot
ref SST3. 2.0 mm OD - price per foot
ref SST4. 2.5 mm OD - price per foot
ref SST5. 3.0 mm OD - price per foot

Stainless steel tube of various diameters up to 2 inches is available for hot caps or displacers. Depending on the size available it may be possible to reduce the wall thickness and braze an end cap on or into the tube. Please enquire if this is of interest.

Regenerator material

0.002 inches thick stainless steel flat shim 12 inches wide. Easily cut with scissors. May be used dimpled with a star wheel and wound up.
Price per foot -

Triangular crimped 0.002 inch stainless steel, 3 inches wide, crimp thickness 0.015 ins. May be cut across the crimps with a sharp knife on a hard surface and trimmed on a grind stone to preserve the crimps at the edge. Use a single layer on a displacer or interleaved with flat shim to fill a cavity.
Price per foot -

Both may be silver soldered.

Miniature Calor gas jets (No.3) 1/2 inch long, threaded OBA. Suitable for gas burners.
Instructions on use supplied.


please send a large stamped addressed envelope for latest price list