Drawings for model hot air engines

Drawings for building a low teperature engine by Penn Clower can be down loaded from
Steam & Engine of Australia - A low temperature Stirling Engine by Penn Clower

Low Temp Engine

Drawings for building a walking beam tin can engine designed by Darryl Boyd can be down loaded from

tin can engine

Drawings for a low temp engine be obtained from Jerry E. Howell of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

E-mail - jerryhowell@nail.com
or goto http://www.jerry-howell.com

Some further information regarding building this model can be found at http://www.promar1.com/~ginger/miser.htm

Low Temp Engine

Information for building an interesting low temperature Rotary Displacer engine can be found at http://www.emachineshop.com/engine

Low Temp Engine

The animation shows how the key parts of the engine operate. In this animation it is assumed that the hot section is at the top half of the chamber and the cold section is at the lower half (opposite from the real engine). The red region represents the foam displacer.