Journals and internet sites specializing in Stirling related technology

Internet sites :

  1. Dr Allan Organ is developing a web site entitled "Communicable Insight" for Stirling engine design.
  2. Prof Israel Urieli's Engineering Thermodynamics web pages.
  3. A comprehensive list of useful Stirling web sites is maintained by Koichi Hirata in Japan.

Journals :

  1. Stirling Machine World is published quarterly in the USA. For more information and details of annual subscription contact
    John Corey, Editor. Stirling Machine World. 302 Tenth Street. Troy. New York. 12180. USA
  2. Stirling News is published quarterly in the UK by The Stirling Engine Society
  3. Modeltec magazine, published monthly in the USA has a regular feature "Hot Ends" which looks at both model and vintage Hot Air and Stirling engines.

Internet Mailing Lists & News Groups

  1. The SESUSA Stirling engine mailing list is a forum for exchanging ideas specifically on Stirling engines.
  2. The Hot Air Engine mailing list covers the wider topic of Air Engines other than Stirling engines.
  3. Warmairmotors
  4. Stirling model engines
  5. Stirling Engine Forum
  6. Information of Stirling engines can somtimes be found in Usenet News-groups. A search engine for news-groups is Deja News who claim an achive of 100 million articles.

Internet video sites

  1.   The YouTube internet site has a number of interesting video clips of running hot air engines and Stirling engines.
    Search tip, to restrict the number of sites try using the following key words
    hot air engine
    stirling engine
    stirling motor
    stirling pump (for a fluidyne pump)
    vacuum engine (for flame licker engines)